Tigre, a natural paradise in Buenos Aires

Surely you have already heard about the Delta of the Amazon or the Nile River Delta. But there is a hidden secret in Buenos Aires from which many have never heard: the Delta of the Paraná, located in the Tigre district just 30 km from Buenos Aires.

A delta is a River accident that is formed by the accumulation of sediments at the mouth of a river. Thanks to these sediments settle high land, which, with the passage of time, become Islands.

The Paraná Delta is among seven of the world’s largest deltas, but its beauty is known by very few people.

Navegando por el Tigre

Navigating to Tigre

I am lucky to live just fifteen minutes from the delta and I am a fan of the city that hosts it: Tigre. If you are coming a few days in Buenos Aires it is worth dedicating at least a day trip to this beautiful city.

The most well known place of Tigre is the “Puerto de Frutos”  but this is not the only attraction. They are also the “Boulevard Sáenz Peña“, the “Museo de Arte de Tigre” (MAT), the “Paseo Victorica”  and finally, the Delta.

“Puerto de Frutos” is a shopping promenade where you can find products of leather, fruit, furniture, antiques and traditional wicker handicrafts open-air. It is the most visited area by travellers. The “Sáenz Peña Boulevard” is a renovated by plastic artists, photographers and musicians; a corner full of art that comes to life on weekends.

What I like most about Tigre is to watch how coexist harmoniously nature and city.

On weekends I love going early there, rent a kayak in “Paseo Victorica Boulevard” ─where there are most of the remo´s schools─ and get lose in the peace of the Islands. I love listening to the birds and do wild watching.


The channels of the Delta are easy to row because is narrow and not power. But if you have little experience or do not know the place it can be difficult to find the best channels and you can easily disorientated among so many islands and trees. Anyway, there are companies that offer guided tours.

If you go out rowing or it is ideal to not return very late. Thus you can continue to visit the town.


When I return from kayaking, I always go for an ice cream in the artisan gelato Vía Toscana. People say that it is one of the best ice cream in Buenos Aires, I do not have doubt…

After kayaking and taking an ice cream, if I still have energy, I visit the MAT where there are always interesting things and finally I go to drink a beer in “Paseo Victorica Boulevard” to watch the sunset over the river.

Hints of Tigre

  • How to reach?

Leaving your hostel in the Centre of Buenos Aires go to Retiro train station and take the train Mitre destination to Tigre. The trip is about 45 minutes  and costs AR $2.

  • Where I can rent a kayak?

There are several schools or clubs on the “Paseo Victoria”. Some require you to demonstrate experience to get them on your own. The three hours for rent cost AR $90- AR $120 and classes cost between AR $190 and AR $240.

  • ¿What are the recommended months for visit it?

Although Tigre offers a variety of activities for the entire year, if your intention is to kayaking it is advisable to go between April and October because of the weather in Argentina.


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