Hello chelagartianos, I’m a lady of four decades, but I have the energy and joy of two girls of twenty.

I love the philosophy of a hostel, by coming to Salvador in April 2010, where I stayed for almost 60 days in Che Lagarto. I believe I hit record of permanence, for uninterrupted period.

Here I am again, I arrived on November 1st. Surprised by rain, atypical to Salvador de Bahia in that period, I go out looking for options in this land of Saints, charms and axés.

Foto: Mariel Oyhamburu

Salvador de Bahia

Salvador de Bahia is a plural city. And even with clouds in the sky there are incredible museums such as Auguste Rodin, a genius man and the Museum of Modern Art where every Saturday has a beautiful sunset to enjoy with the sound of jazz.

Foto: Mariel Oyhamburu

Foto: Mariel Oyhamburu

The churches such as San Francisco is coated with gold. But not everything is holiness. There are bars with music ranging from blues to rock, from samba to the arrocha (a rhythm created here).


Foto: Mariel Oyhamburu

The food is spicy and intense, like everything here. Salvador de Bahia is hot in its rhythms, its cuisine and its mixed and receptive people.

I’m a traveler. I´ve met  Che Lagarto Itacaré and Che Lagarto Hostel in Paraty, both wonderful, but I chose Che Lagarto Salvador as my second home.

My advice is to travel, to break barriers of language, habits and prejudices. Open your mind to the new things. And no matter how much you spend, you will always return wealthy in culture, landscapes and adventure.

Did you like it? Book here and enjoy the city! :)


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Uma mulher madura, com espirito de mochileira, viciada em viajar. Receptiva, boa energia e alto astral, vivo entre curitiba e salvador, duas cidades distintas que se completam. Formada em letras e louca por livros. Me resumiria numa frase "viajar é a única coisa que você compra e que lhe faz mais rico"

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