Buenos Aires has a lot of tourist spots to visit. The capital of Argentina offers everything for the traveler: history, tango, football, good food and a night that is famous all over the world.

 Buenos Aires tourist spots to visit

Historical downtown

Walking through Buenos Aires downtown I wonder if this is one of the best cities to visit in the world.
On my first day I walked through the city, talked to people and went to the Court.

The downtown draws attention. It is not of any South American city, it is which is more influenced by Europe. Buildings of different styles, are a combination that makes this part of a magnet. Feel like walking it over and over again. The obelisk, the “Casa Rosada”, “Teatro Colón”, courts building, the “Banco de la Nación”, the “Facultad de Medicina” or “Congreso” are striking buildings. Corrientes Avenue with its theatres and old bookshops; and the Florida pedestrian street, famous for being one of the most important commercial sources of Center, are two rides that help to know and enjoy this part of the city.

Buenos Aires Cathedral

Palermo Woods

20 minutes (subway Palermo or Plaza Italy station), also in Capital Federal, is located the extensive Park of “Bosques de Palermo”. People do lots of physical activity in Argentina. Seeing the amount of people that trotting, skates or riding bicycles, is impressive. That gives life to the Park. Well, that, and the families that are going to spend the afternoon there. Locals take advantage of public spaces to make them yours. The squares are yours, the streets are yours. It shows that they want to and looks that they feel them as their own, as if they were in the courtyard of his house. That spread, in Buenos Aires you can perfectly plan an afternoon or a day in the Park (and is not a lost day), or you can spend several hours in a cafe talking (football is always a good reason to talk to the Argentines).

Palermo Woods

La Bombonera

In Argentina, football is a social phenomenon that has no comparison. It is spoken in every corner and every weekend courts fill fans adorning a show full of traditions. The breath falls from the popular transformed into songs, color flooded all the corners of the fields and passion is reflected both in the field and in the stands. People suffers, screams, claims and comments throughout the match. I went to la Bombonera, I saw the legendary striker Martín Palermo and Roman Riquelme – against Racing – another big club of Argentina. The atmosphere is unmatched in this stadium. The constant encouragement of “12”, the hooligans and the counterweight of the “imperial guard” the fans of Racing, gave it atmosphere to what happened on the Court. There are music and aesthetics in football in Argentina. Highlight color, chants, the confetti and the uncontrolled passion.


Near there, just four streets, is located Caminito street in la Boca. It’s a walk near the old port, place where the city of Buenos Aires was formed. It is picturesque and rescues Buenos Aires traditions and the tango and Gardel; bars, Maradona, Che Guevara, Mafalda and Evita.

Buenos Aires night

Buenos Aires night is well recognized. Beer, wine and fernet lead in Buenos Aires. The wine has to be Malbec (from Mendoza, a traditional strain of Argentina), ideal to accompany a roast or a snack (cheese, olives and cold meats). Fernet is a liqueur of herbs, black and a bit bitter. It is taken as a long drink, usually with Coca – Cola. It´s a strong drink.

The previous in Che Lagarto are a guarantee to start the night. Table pool, ping-pong, terrace and good vibes. The bar offers everything, in addition each day of the week there is a different activity: nights of pasta, tacos, pizza, sandwich and the inevitable Argentine “asado” (barbacue). Parties in the hostel, live music and happy hours are the keynote of the stay of travellers. Another plus of stopping here are tango classes (free).
To go out there is a wide offer:  rock bars, “boliches” to dance electronic, Latin, anglo or argentinean music. I recommend  to go to Kika disco in Palermo. It has two fairly large stages: one of electronic music and other Argentine dance music. The price is reasonable, especially in the week – no more than $25 . On weekend rises to $50.
“Bomba de Tiempo” in Konex

On Monday there is a must show.  La Bomba de Tiempo: located on Sarmiento Street, is a shed where a band of drums stirred the evening of the “quietest of the week” day. It runs from 6 o’clock until half-past 10 o’clock. Every Monday there is nearly one thousand people who began the week at the top. prices? $20 ticket and $20 and $15 the liter of beer. Recommended 100%.

Tourist spots Buenos Aires
Café Tortoni
One last piece of information. The Café Tortoni. Cradle of intellectuals and bohemians. It is located in Avenida de Mayo and its style evokes the historic Buenos Aires. Borges and Gardel went through their classrooms. In addition the Café offers tango shows on its two small stages.

Tourist spots Buenos Aires

After two weeks walking in Buenos Aires (with light and artificial light), I make a pause, and yes I think: this is one of the best cities to visit, no doubt. Night, history, football and good food, what more a traveller need?