It may be that, like me, you will take a while to visit this wonderful city. Situation worsens by the fact of being a Brazilian and resident in a city more than well served by aerobridges.

However, regardless of where you live, if you are planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro and has only…Let’s say… a weekend for it, there are some tips of what you can do here.

How to get to Rio de Janeiro and where to stay?

On our journey, the Rio de Janeiro International Airport, also known as Galeão, was our doorstep. From there, we used the so-called bus Frescão, which can be caught in front of the arrivals terminal, and went down on the famous Copacabana beach because we stayed in Hostel Suites Anita Che Lagarto. It´s a great option for those who want to stay a few blocks from the beach and close to shops and Metro station.



What to do?

For the first day, a Saturday for example, you can start by doing a territorial recognition of the most famous beaches in Rio: Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon. The tip here is to rent one of those orange bikes from Itaú and follow the bike path (registration and regulation on the site Bike Río).

In the afternoon, talk with the staff of the hostel. They can help you, indicate and even schedule a tour to the postcards of the city: Christ the Redeemer Statue and Sugar Loaf (“Morro Pão de Açúcar”).

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

The guide with a van came to the hostel and took us to see the Christ the Redeemer Statue, Santa Teresa neighbourhood, Metropolitan Cathedral and Selarón Staircases. We finished the tour with a perfect and beautiful sunset at Sugarloaf.

If you still have a bit of breath, consider taking a cold beer in the hectic and bohemian neighborhood of Lapa. To arrive, you can use the subway and get off at Cinelândia station. Within walking distance of it, will be the famous Lapa arches and a lot of bars that you can choose. To return to the hostel take a taxi.

On Sunday morning, the suggestion is to walk in the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro. We went there on the bus we picked up in the vicinity of the hostel.

Leaving the Park, you can walk for about 1, 3 km and reach to the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon. Take the chance to take a refreshing coconut water, take a break to regain your breath and then go to lunch at Leblon Shopping.

After that, (or depending on the time that your flight is marked) you’re ready to leave the town because you´ve visited the most important points of the city. But sure enough, you will desire at least two or three more trips to explore other interesting points of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro

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