Surely there is no more beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro that the one on the Sugarloaf Mountain. Climbing the cable car is something that cariocas and foreign make since 1912, when their heights were conquered for the first time. In their cars, or “bondinhos”, have been Einstein, John F. Kennedy, and even Sean Connery, playing James Bond.

What is the best time to visit the Sugarloaf Mountain

But it is not necessary to enjoy the popularity of similar characters to travel 1500 meters between the base of the Morro de Urca last station Sugarloaf Mountain. Millions of people visit annually one of the most popular summits of the world. Because Río appears bright and almost all-powerful, crowned by the vision of the Christ of the Corocovado, which opens its famous arms from the opposite side of Guanabara Bay.

Sugarloaf Mountain is a marvel that has no schedule, but is recommended to go at five in the afternoon, when the sunset covers the neighbouring hills, the port and the ships anchored in the Bay of Guanabara and the silhouette of Christ himself, that stands out in different shades as light changes.

Little by little Rio de Janeiro lights, from dotted with lights from the favelas to the neon of the avenues. Rio stretches at night, flashing first and bright then as travelers crowd is looking for a site in the main base, trying to register it.

As we look forward to that Rio de Janeiro will become a postcard worthy of any cover of Facebook, at the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain we can enjoy an “historical” beer celebrating the place at which we have arrived, while a mild wind adds pleasure to the atmosphere.

It is perfect. Not every day we have Río de Janeiro at the foot.

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