Stories of a Chilean girl in Lima

A few months ago I had the opportunity to travel to Lima for my studies and it was an incredible experience. I wanted to visit other cities of Perú, but by budget and time, I finally visited only Lima.

However, in the days that I was there I realized that Lima has too much to give us, especially delicious dishes…!
When I arrived at Chile and I saw the pictures of the trip that I took I realized that half of the images were dishes. In Lima you can eat chifles, chifa food, “ají de gallina”, “papa a la huancaína”, pisco sour and an eternal list of etceteras… it is almost impossible to resist to these culinary charms. 
But no single food provides Lima, it also has a lot of wonderful places, avenues full of historic buildings that make one walk. By the third or fourth day in the evening, I took my shoes and my feet had wounds both walk… was such a joy after the walks.
That night I decided not to go out because I wanted my feet to rest a little. With my travel partner we went to the hall of Che Lagarto hostel and decided to take a drink at the bar. There were no other tourists to share but the bartender told us a lot of interesting stories, and spoke to us about his neighborhood, his culture, his family.
Lima is a wonderful city, both in the public part (the city which we know), and private (its inhabitants enchanters who always welcomed us with the best smiles). Clearly it is a destination that will be repeated in my list of pending trips.
Did you like it? Book here and enjoy the city! :)

Author Josefina

Josefina Marambio Márquez es Licenciada en Literatura y vive en Santiago de Chile. Conoce varios países latinoamericanos, pues una de sus pasiones más grandes (además de los libros y la cultura) es viajar. Escribe en su blog “Notas y Rutas” ( sobre sus experiencias de viajes y otros paseos.

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