Spring in Mar del Plata

The city of Mar del Plata is one of the most visited destinations of Argentina during the summer. Thousands of people go to the city looking for the sun, the beach and the glamour that the site offers. But it’s nice to know that Mar del Plata doesnt live only during the high season. I’ve been in town between the end of October and the beginning of December and I can swear that is very worthwhile going there during the spring. The sunshine and blue skies are already present with the advantage that the beaches and streets are not crowded as it does in summer. But that doesn’t mean that the city is empty. The movement is already good, which allows the traveler to meet new and interesting people everywhere.

 Primavera em Mar del Plata
Primavera em Mar del Plata

Visit to the port: a ride to take during the spring in Mar del Plata

A cool tip to stroll around Mar del Plata is to visit the port area. Anyone in town will necessarily go through the boardwalk and admire the beaches, which are the main tourist attractions.
But you can’t go without following until the end, in the port area, where there are the vessels (almost orange) and the big stars of the place: the sea-dogs. They are a few metres from the people, generally enjoying the sun and a nice nap. It’s not good to get that close, because nobody likes to be disturbed at nap time, huh? But with a bit of caution, it is possible to take great pictures.

Primavera em Mar del Plata
Primavera em Mar del Plata
Also in the port area there are vessels which make trips through the edge of the city and that allow the traveler to have another view of Mar del Plata. And for those who like fish and seafood, there are some restaurants serving fresh food at good price. After the walk of the center of Mar del Plata to the port area, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a chair eating fresh fish and drinking a cold drink.
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