Santiago de Chile, a lovely city

Santiago de Chile has too much to offer us as all capitals. It is a relatively orderly city, but it is also chaotic.

How to get to Santiago de Chile and how to move in the city

Santiago de Chile has only an airport called Arturo Merino Benítez which is located in the Pudahuel commune. For those travelling by bus from neighboring countries like Perú or Argentina these get to the “Terminal de Buses Alameda“. Outside of the terminal is located the Avenue of the same name and the metro station “Universidad de Santiago” so to go to any point of the capital it will be very easy.

To move around the city there is a very good subway with many lines and buses that also travel from several communes but here travel time increases. You must be aware that you have to buy a magnetic card to pay for the buses, since you cannot pay with cash as in other capitals as Rio de Janeiro.

What to visit in Santiago de Chile

To visit places in the city you can begin walking through the Palacio de Gobierno “La Moneda”.

To get here you have to go to the same name metro station and then you can walk a few minutes by the Alameda Avenue, a major avenue of the city until the Paseo Ahumada. Then walk few minutes and you will arrive at the Central market, and on one side of this, across the street, it is located one of the most famous local food and beverages of Santiago:  “La Piojera”.

Outside of this place is located the Metro Station “Cal y Canto” where you can take the metro to the Santa Lucía station to go to the Hill of the same name, a place visited by tourists.

At night, a must to visit is the Bohemian Santiago and what better than visiting the Barrio Bellavista, a place full of pubs, clubs and restaurants, where all the night life of Santiago of Chile is focused.

Many things you can do in this city, it all depends on the tastes of people and the availability of time, but no doubt that Santiago de Chile is a city that will always surprise us and a must do.

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