Salvador da Bahia: What to see in Pelourinho?

A few days ago I arrived to Salvador de Bahia. It is a city that every time I come I love it for a different reason. Salvador is imposing, ancient, mysterious, beautiful and full of culture.

You need to spend some time in Brazil to understand the diversity of this beautiful country. It has little to do with the Santa Catarina State, Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, Salvador or Recife, to name a few. The coast was always my favorite region, not only by my eternal love towards the beach but by the wave of people from the coast. Each state or each region carries a completely different culture interesting and original.

Salvador da Bahia is known for the traditional Bahian, the Acarajé, Capoeira and the importance of trade in handicrafts. In addition to its spectacular beaches such as bar or Itapoã and islands such as Morro de São Paulo.

The area tourist and most well-known of the city of Salvador de Bahia is its historical center: Pelourinho. The old city, dates from the time of the conquest around 1550. It was recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1980. In its narrow streets the original Portuguese constructions of that time, you can still see very well maintained, imposing churches, and thousands of bars and botecos hiding exciting stories of this cultural center.



What to see in Pelourinhno?

  • House of Jorge Amado: In addition to being a source of valuable files of the Bahian writer this non-governmental organization encourages studies about art and the Bahian culture. There is always an interesting exhibition to see.
  • Blocos Afro: The best known is Olodum, also are Filhos de Ghandi and Muzenza. Follow the schedule to attend a trial or show!
Ensayo Olodum


Ensayo Olodum (2)

  • Old record stores: there is an area where there are record stores. One of them has two floors and sells pasta discs and vinyl records of thousands of Brazilian artists. Whenever I come to Bahía I do one pass by there, and ask him to recommend me some discs for my turntable. Jewels of Brazilian music!
  • Churches: The Church of San Francisco is considered the richest in architectural terms. It is shocking to see the inside, all covered in gold.
  • In the area of the Pelourinho is located the elevator that leads to the lower part where the “Mercado Modelo” that is a trade of handicrafts and traditional products of bahia, the largest in the region. In that place it is possible to find from clothing to tools. In addition to beautiful handicrafts and regional products. It is a must-see if you visit the area.
  • For the more adventurous there is a highly recommended program to make after Mercado Modelo: the “Museum of Modern Art of Bahia” (about 20 blocks from the market, it is recommended to go by taxi). In addition to have very interesting exhibitions, on Saturdays from 6-9 pm there is a meeting which is called “JAM not MAM”. The Museum organizes concerts of Jazz with musicians of very good level. It is an ideal place to end the day watching the sunset, listening a good band and drinkin a caipirinha.

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