Rio de Janeiro, living the biggest Carnival in the world

Long time ago I dreamed of living this wonderful celebration: the world’s largest carnival. I saw the news in February: they spoke about madness, chaos and debauchery but in reality there are small images that one sees on television. Once you live it you realize that the Carnival is something wonderful.

carnaval rio

I planned this trip as I do with all my travels, with long time in advance, I read much about Carnival, on what to do and what you should not do. After several days of waiting, the awaited time came. I arrived about 3 days before the Carnival, in which I visited beaches, Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf and the Maracanã Stadium, so the days following them would have to fully enjoy the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.  It came the awaited day, on Friday February 28 and the city was different from the previous days. The people were happy. I was eating something in the afternoon when it is suddenly started to rain very strong but still people remained normal as if nothing happened. I went to the hotel and got comfortable clothes, shorts and t-shirt, nothing else while it was raining. My decision was good because it was 20 degrees at night. I had never felt so hot in my life.

I went out walking at 8 to the Sambadrome because I was very close but if you are away you can reach by metro Cidade Nova or Praça eleven in bus stations. I arrived at the Sambadrome without ticket, I decided to not buy from my country Chile, as reading different people’s opinions was best to buy them in the informal, non-established trade, to resellers outside the Sambadrome. It is worth mentioning that formal via the cheapest had a cost of 98 dollars via the Internet.

Several blocks before the Sambadrome I already start to live the beauty of the Carnival, the spectacular that is, living it really is a privilege, the rua Presidente Vargas is filled, there are several blocks with carts waiting to ride defending their samba schools, many dancers, the mulatto. But was still missing the main thing, my income, my entry to the Sambadrome, but as bringing me more appeared resellers: 200 reais and 150 real was the price I offered, it was still very high. This was due to that ask for the ticket and they hear my language they charged me more expensive. After following questioning and Racing got one by 35 real, because at that time approached and they had many entries and would prefer to sell them at very low price to lose.

Outside of the Sambadrome is pure party, streets filled with beer and food stands, panchos. After the chaos to find my sector, I climbed the stairs of the Sapucaí and I was happy.

Carnival began at 9 o’clock. There were fireworks for the opening and then entered the first school of samba. Each had between 4 and 6 cars and the songs were on live. In a truck they had speakers and ahead of each car were the mulattoes. That night marched among other blocos: Imperio Serrano, Innocent and  Academic da rocinha. It ended at about 4 o’clock in the morning. Then I rest a few hours, and I went to live the Carnival da rua, to live the madness, the wildness and lack of control. At 9 in the morning from the rua Presidente Vargas and the corner Rua Rio Branco started the “Bloco da Preta”. There are no words to describe such madness. There were women with few clothes, wanting to experience something occasional, drunk men, the Carnival in its fullness.

These blocos parade in different districts and some days before they report the place and date but I recommend to see “Bola da Preta”, the largest parade, the greater madness and lack of control.

Rio de Janeiro is a Carnival that we must to live…

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