The saying “there are new chickens in the port” is still heard in this small town in Brazil as part of stories that locals tell tourists. According to the legend, its name was inherited centuries ago when this phrase was a code that the smugglers used to signal the arrival of a new shipment of slaves to work in the sugar mills. To escape the control of the illegal transaction, the slaves were transported, hidden, in cages together with Guinea fowl.

Today, an invasion of chickens carved out remains of coconut trees decorate the streets of the small town alluding to its name.


Foto: Gil

On the way from Recife to Porto de Galinhas the route climbs hills and passes through towns, there are thousands of Palm trees and sugar cane fields swaying to the beat of the wind. Galinhas is a small and popular resort for the inhabitants of Recife who usually take short trips on weekends because this town, in the State of Pernambuco, is located only 60 km away.

Porto de Galinhas is also one of the best tourist poles in Brazil. The reasons? It’s got 18 km of uninterrupted wide beaches with white sand and warm waters, natural swimming pools and trails surrounded by coconut plantations. Reef formations stain the sea in shades of green and blue, where schools of colorful fish swim. Although it has all the necessary infrastructure for tourism, including luxury resorts, it still keeps the rusticity and the charm of the typical villages of fishermen in the northeast of Brazil.


Porto de Galinhas. Foto: Durango Tig

The beaches of Porto de Galinhas

Among its beaches “Muro Alto” stands out, one of the most preserved beaches of the region. It consists of reefs, natural pools and small waves. All this make of it the ideal place to swim quietly. Its name comes from a coral barrier which is a real wall of approximately 100 meters from the beach. It can only be reached by buggies. Other attractive beaches that deserve to be visited are “Cupe”, “Dos Carneiros” and “Cambôa”.

For those seeking entertainment and fun, “Maracaipe” , the beach of the south, is famous for being the meeting place for young surfers. Here, several tournaments are held and you can enjoy delicious dishes with seafood in this gastronomic pole, “Vila de Todos os Santos”. The bars and restaurants offer live shows and varied music such as jazz, electronic and forró, Brazilian popular music.

On holidays, in Porto de Galinhas you can not miss the “Pontal de Maracaipe” to see seahorses, visit the “Do Outeiro Church”, take a jangadas ride to the natural swimming pools, rent buggies and stroll on the sand and sail to “Ilha Santo Aleixo”. The zone also offers the possibility of taking eco-tours, to discover the richness of the regional flora and fauna. For those who love adrenalin, the region is suitable for the practice of sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, divinging and skateboarding.


Porto de Galinhas. Foto: Lucía Passos

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