Paraty International Literary Festival

Paraty International Literary Festival (Flip) was born in August 2003. Organized by the Association Casa Azul, Flip carries out its 12th Edition between July 30 and August 3, 2014. The literary festival meets importants authors like in previous editions with the presence of Isabel Allende, Ferreira Gullar, Don DeLillo, Richard Dawkins, Eric Hobsbawm, Chico Buarque, among others.

In the five-day Festival, the Flip performs about 200 events, including debates, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, film screenings and presentations to schools.

Millôr Fernandes is the subject of this year homage. Playwright, publisher, translator, graphic artist, and one of the key figures in Brazilian press, Millôr will be remembered in Paraty two years after his death, aged 88, in March 2012.

The 12th edition of Flip is curated by publisher and journalist Paulo Werneck.

Paraty International Literary Festival

Main program

Wednesday 30

19h | Opening session
Agnaldo Farias
Hubert and Reinaldo in converstion with Jaguar

A homage in two acts: first, literary critic Agnaldo Farias will explain the importance of Millôr Fernandes’ work to Brazilian culture. Next, two of Millôr’s disciples – Reinaldo and Hubert, who in the 1980s published a descendant of Pasquim called Planeta Diário – will talk to cartoonist and Millôr enthusiast Jaguar.

21h30 | opening show
Gal Costa
The great Brazilian singer will be in Paraty to perform songs from her most recent album, Recanto, a mixture of MPB (Popular Brazilian Music), rock, electronic music and dub-step, composed and arranged by Caetano Veloso. Classic songs like “Folhetim” and “Barato total” will also feature in Flip’s first ever free opening show

Thursday 31

9h30 | zé kleber session to be announced 

12h | panel 1
Poetry and Prose
Charles Peixoto
Eliane Brum
Gregorio Duvivier
The limits between poetry and prose are blurred in the books by Eliane Brum and Gregorio Duvivier. The hybrid nature of writing, and the cross fertilisation of prose and poetry – a lesson from the marginal poetry movement of the 1970s – is apparent in the works by the two newcomers, as in the works by one of the movement’s representatives, carioca Charles Peixoto.

15h | panel 2
The possessed
Elif Batuman
Vladimir Sorokin
How can reading Dostoevski be an illuminating experience? And can literary criticism be considered an adventure? American essayist Elif Batuman is joined by the first Russian author at Flip, Vladimir Sorokin, to bring news of a cultural superpower, and to update Russia’s literary tradition for the 21st century.

17h15 | panel 3
Invention and mystery
Eleanor Catton
Joël Dicker
Mystery and the construction of the novel are at the heart of the conversation between Eleanor Catton and Joël Dicker, whose ambitious works have renewed the genre.

19h30 | event 4
Paraty, the Venice of the South Atlantic
Francesco Dal Co
Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Flip 2014’s architecture panel welcomes Pritzker prize winner Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Italian critic Francesco Dal Co, a specialist in the work of the Brazilian architect, for a conversation about the affinities between two unique places: Venice and Paraty.

21h30 | bonus event
Because it was him, because it was me
Mathieu Lindon
Silviano Santiago
Friendship, counterculture, drugs, fatherhood, AIDS, gay love and their literary representations are topics of discussion between two authors of books that recall remarkable friendships in their lives.

Friday 1

10h | event 5
The guru of Méier
Cássio Loredano
Sérgio Augusto
Millôr Fernandes’ art is a unique hybrid of text and drawings. A cartoonist and a journalist use the tools of their trade –drawings and prose—to offer a profile of Millôr.

12h | event 6
Food talk with Michael Pollan

Politics, culture and the environment all converge on any plate of food – and it is food that provides us with our earliest lessons in democracy and sociability. In his crusade against industrial food, American essayist Michael Pollan emphasises the pleasures of eating and cooking, so intimately linked to the pleasures of reading and writing.

15h | event 7
Claudia Andujar
Davi Kopenawa
Survivors of the war of political and economic interests that has been raging in Amazonia, the Yanomami have been a marked people since the mid-twentieth century. Photographer Claudia Andujar, a pioneer in registering the Yanomami way of life, talks to Yanomami shaman and leader Davi Kopenawa about the present and future of Brazilian Indians.

17h15 | event 8
Free as a taxi
Antonio Prata
Mohsin Hamid
Two authors who use humour and self-deprecation as raw material for their depictions of themselves and of the world around them.

19h30 | event 9
In conversation with Andrew Solomon
Bringing up a child can be even more challenging when his or her identity does not conform to our expectations or to social conventions. Autism, deafness, dwarfism and transsexualism are a few of the cases that U.S. journalist Andrew Solomon studies in his effort to establish a human narrative that is inclusive of exceptions and the emotions they elicit.

21h30 | event 10
Two times Brazil
Cacá Diegues
Edu Lobo
The work of Cacá Diegues and Edu Lobo includes some of the finest depictions ever produced of Brazilian culture. The filmmaker and the composer reflect on their careers and on the past half-century of culture in Brazil.

Saturday 2

10h | event 11
Freedom, freedom
Charles Ferguson
Glenn Greenwald
Two sides of the fight against imperialist power in the 21st century. The damaging claims published by lawyer and journalist Glen Greenwald exposed the unchecked power held the USA’s intelligence services, which have been spying on their own citizens and on the governments of allied countries. By shedding light on the dubious relationship between financial authorities, markets and universities, Oscar-winning documentarian Charles Ferguson revealed the collusion between private interests and public institutions underpinning the 2008 financial crisis.

12h | event 12
Prison Memoirs: 50 years since the coup
Bernardo Kucisnki
Marcelo Rubens Paiva
Persio Arida
The Brazilian coup of 1964 marked the beginning of a military dictatorship that turned torture and “disappearances” into government policy. In their literary work, three people who lived to tell the tale, Bernardo Kucinski, Persio Arida and Marcelo Rubens Paiva, bring to light some of the tragic stories that took place in the military dictatorship’s basements.

15h | event 13
The true history of paradise
Etgar Keret
Juan Villoro
From ancient civilisations and their utopias to the barbarity of contemporary life, two great fiction writers raise a mirror to the exuberance and tribulations of their respective countries, Israel and Mexico, alternating between visions of paradise and the terror of modern devastation.

17h15 | event 14
Sad tropics
Beto Ricardo
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro
In the second event dedicated to Amazonia and its Indians, Beto Ricardo, anthropologist from the Instituto Socioambiental, talks to anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro about Amerindian thought and about Indian presence in Brazil in 2014.

19h30 | event 15
In conversation with Jhumpa Lahiri
One of the great narrators of our times, Indian-born British author Jhumpa Lahiri will talk about her novel, The Lowland, and about literature as a form of mediation between cultures.

21h30 | event 16
Narrating power
David Carr
Graciela Mochkofsky
Journalism is a thorn in the side of power, but the media are also a key cog in the machinery of power. Two experienced reporters, Argentina’s Graciela Mochkofsky and the U.S.’s David Carr, have made their names by investigating the relationship between the press and private interests.

Sunday 3

10h | event 17
Listening to the stars
Marcelo Gleiser
Paulo Varella
From the abstract to the concrete, physicist Marcelo Gleiser and astrophysicist Paulo Varella talk about the limits of scientific knowledge, about our view of the universe, and about the sky above our heads.

12h | event 18
A novel in two acts
Daniel Alarcón
Fernanda Torres
A theatre troupe’s backstage antics and a veteran actor’s influence on a newcomer are at the heart of the latest novel by Daniel Alarcón. The actress Fernanda Torres has chosen the novel as the genre for her literary debut. Death, old age, the stage, narrative and fictional representations of artists’ lives are among the topics of conversation between these two outstanding Latin American authors.

14h | event 19
The meanings of passion
Almeida Faria
Jorge Edwards
Passion, jealousy and eroticism are among the subjects that will ignite the conversation between these two great novelists, masters of Ibero-American narrative.

16h | event 20
Desert island books
Andrew Solomon
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro
Etgar Keret
Fernanda Torres
Graciela Mochkofsky
Joël Dicker
Juan Villoro
Guest authors will read passages from their favourite books.


Tickets for Flip 2014 will go on sale at 10h on 30 June at, by phone on 4003-5588, and at all authorised sales points (for a list of authorised sellers visit Tickets for the opening session and the main programme’s events cost R$ 46 (full price)/ R$23 (concessions) in the Authors’ Marquee, or R$ 12/ R$ 6 in the Giant Screen Marquee. Tickets will remain on sale until July 29. During Flip, tickets will only be available at the Festival’s box-office in Paraty.

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