Paraty is a charming town in the literal sense of the word: enchants and seduces

Paraty is a beautiful place, full of magnificent natural landscapes that you can visit on a boat ride around the Bay of Paraty, where you will swim with colourful fishes, and if you’re lucky you can touch a starfish and feed a Golden Lion Tamarin.

The story of the gold cycle, the stills and their degustaçoes with heady … with breathtaking waterfalls are made in 4 x 4 jeeps. The  Che Lagarto´s  reception can book for you, the prices are quite affordable and usually last 6 hours in both. There is a lunch break, it’s not  cheap but you, experienced traveler or if you are reading this blog can choose to take your snack and have a picnic on the sands of some of the Islands or on the shores of a waterfall listening that sound. There are grocery stores and emporiums near the hostel where you can ride your basket.


The city has a beautiful historic centre, with stones of the colonial period, so you need comfortable shoes, it’s humanly impossible to walk with something that isn’t a tennis or a sneaker … There are beautiful and charming cafes, shops and music always in the bars of the historic center, performances and exotic figures like the pirate that will make you think you entered in the film “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

But if you want some adrenaline Paraty goes far beyond this script. You can do extreme sports such as rappel, zip-lining, kayaking, climbing, with varying degrees of difficulty, and with prices ranging between R 45.00 and R 60 .00. Follow our posts and we will tell you more information about food and bars.

Did you like it? Book here and enjoy the city! :) 

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