Sun shines 300 days a year in Natal; not for nothing is it known as the “City of the Sun”. With a privileged warm weather, the capital and largest city of Rio Grande do Norte is a destination that invites you to visit it throughout the year.

 The history of Natal

Its origins date back to the construction of the “Forte dos Reis Magos”, the place where people began to populate the city. This historical site of Natal was built in 1598 by the Portuguese people to protect the territory from the French attacks and today it is one of the most visited places of the city.

Natal: Natural attractions

The city is located in the North-East of Brazil and it is quiet, surrounded by exotic vegetation, white sands and warm blue sea. With an extensive tourist infrastructure, Natal is a perfect destination for young people, couples and families looking for coast, fun and relax.

 Its multiple tourist attractions are especially of natural type. It has beaches, dunes, reefs, cliffs, rivers and lagoons. Among its paradisiacal landscapes highlights its more than 20 km of beaches where you can perform lots of outdoor activities. “Ponta Negra” is located 12 km to the South and it is the most popular beach of Natal full of restaurants, hotels and venues for water sports. There you can also enjoy the best nightlife in Natal. The “Playa de los Artistas” is the most visited beach by locals and a good place for surfing. However, if you prefer windsurfing “Playa do Forte” is the best choice due to its perfect winds.

Natal and its surroundings

But in Natal there are many other tours to do. For example, “Genipabu”, a city with large dunes and natural lagoons is located 25 kilometres away. The classic tour of the place is the trip by buggys, going through dunes 9 metres tall as fast as it is possible.

For the lovers of trekking, it is possible to find short ways in “Parque das Dunas” which is located in an area of environmental preservation. And to reach the top of exotic activities as long as your wallet can do, you can take a ride on dromedary.

If you prefer to enjoy greater peace of mind and solitude, it is advisable to leave the city, both to the North and to the South to find idyllic and quiet beaches for example “Pipa“, a small village of fishermen or “Pirangi”. A curiosity of Pirangi is that it has the biggest tree in the world according to the Guinness records: a “cashew tree” (which produces cashew nuts) with a top of 8.500m2. Also it is worth going to “Maracajau”, famous for its formations of coral reefs at 7 km from the coast and its crystalline waters conducive for diving.

Natal: culture & night

But there are not only beaches in Natal. Culture and history are also part of the attractions of the city. You can visit “Velha Ribeira”, the oldest neighborhood, which concentrates the largest number of historic buildings built in neoclassical style and where theatres, cultural centres and churches work.

And when the “Sun City” gets dark, visitors can enjoy a host of evening activities: specialty restaurants, live shows, bars and discotheques where you can listen to Brazilian and international music. Lovers of good food will enjoy the tasty cuisine of Natal and above all can take advantage of the variety of fish and seafood.

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