Maracaná, a tour of the World Cup

The only mention of Maracaná bristles the hearts of millions of people. Unforgettable deeds past and the next the World Cup dispute have placed it since 1950 in the Center looks and among the icons of Rio de Janeiro. It is an almost ritual visit for travellers with fever of Cup.

How we get to Maracaná

The inside of Maracaná awaits us on the north side of Rio de Janeiro. Silent and with a move relaxed in its outskirts, the giant does not seem the site where eighty thousand people will have to hold the breath during days of party and nervousness.

From the beaches of Ipanema, Metro connects us in a little less than one hour with the stop of Maracaná, previous connection lines in the Botafogo station. When its silhouette emerges in the windows of the subway it last two stations pass on the street level. It is inevitable to mention it: there is that, where it will play the final. Camera in hand,hundreds of visitors among travelers and tourists descended the wagons and seek their share of the World Cup.

Maracaná is Rio

Maracanã was reformed for the current edition of the tournament and, according to the information that provide dozens of strategically placed monitors along the circuit of visit, the demolished was reused in urban infrastructure projects and in the construction of other smaller stadiums. Literally, Maracanã and Rio are mixed.

The giant inside

With guide the visit costs 30 reais and 20 reais if the tour is done on behalf of the visitor.


Overcome ticketing area after a brief safety in access control, statues in honor of the great myths of the Maracanã we receive in the main hall. The statue of Zico, the imprint of the feet of Garrincha, the arc where Pele scored his goal number mil.

No time to lose in other emotions, access to the mixed zone, where teams travel before reaching the field of play. Moves under the tunnel and the soil of Maracaná is depressed. Visitors are enabled to obtain photographs on the substitutes bench, playing crack for a minute.

The tour continues in the locker room area. In the local shrine inside are arranged all the t-shirts in the main team of Brazil in the place they commonly occupy while receiving the technical talk. Before agreeing to the bleachers and vip of the same area, you can see the facilities for the work of journalists, studies for television, the press conference area and called Maracaná Mais, a food and merchandising in the heart of the stadium. 

And it will be a world champion within a few but play a little of that dream with his hands, for travelers with fever Cuo, it’s a matter of  walking around Rio.
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