Mar del Plata: Rustic paradores and cocktails tiki

Mar del Plata during the day: Parador Rilanco

Mar del Plata is a city for everyone and it can be enjoyed throughout the year. But in January the city is full: cars, remises, buses and even trains of joy with spidermen  dancing. There are so many people that it is impossible to tell a secret without let everyone know it. Therefore, if you get to “La Feliz” but you want to get away a little bit of chaos we have a good option to propose you.

Take your car or take the 221 bus which performs a long-distance service that connects Mar del Plata with neighboring Chapadmalal and Santa Clara del Mar towns. It is the only bus that allows you to pay the ticket inside the unit with coins. 2 Km, passing the lighthouse, you will reach the Southern beaches. There you have to stop in the Parador Rilanco (km 523 route 11). This beach has a rustic atmosphere but with an excellent attention and quality service. You can enjoy the waves (ideal for surfing), delicious sandwiches of seafood and liquefied and the possibility of connecting with nature.

Mar del Plata

Tip: Do not miss to taste the sandwich of chicken or seafood with bran bread, greens and avocado. It costs 40$ (January 2014).

Mar del Plata during the night: Rico Tiki Bar, drinks in the surf´s capital

When the night comes the city of Mar del Plata has countless proposals; it is famous for its long and restless nights. Whenever the question among friends arises “where are we going?” We give you the answer: to Alem 3690.

There is Rico Tiki Bar, a place with a distinctive Hawaiian atmosphere: furniture, cane and straw, surfboards, drinks of tropical flavors and objects ranging from a skull to a totem.

The soul of this place is in your bar, commanded by Matías Merlo, one of the great Argentine bartenders. There you can find a great drinks menu or ask the same bartender which drink, according to your own tastes, can make to you. But the Caribbean rum will surely be the protagonist.

Fotos de Rico Tiki Bar

Photos: Rico Tiki Bar


Una parte indispensable del tiki es la estética: el trago se sirve usualmente en jarros cerámicos, con forma de tótems o similares.

An indispensable part of the tiki is the esthetics: the drink is usually served in jugs ceramic totems shaped or similar.

“Tiki is a state of mind, you can go in flip flops and it is perfect. But at the same time, it demands a huge quality of product. At the bar, every week we take turns to make components that make a tiki cocktail. They are all styles of syrups. To make the falernum, must grate many files; for the signature must be peeled almonds. Preparations are lasting just one week and that requires care and efficiency have always fresh product in the bar, explained Matías Merlo in an interview in La Nación.

Tip:  Martín Auzmendi’s new book #CoctelesEnElCamino has already reached at Rico Tiki Bar. If you buy it at the Bar they give you a cocktail so  you can read it in the bar! 😉

Opening hours: every day from 19 pm to 4 am.

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