Best beaches in Florianópolis

Consisting of 42 official beaches and others hidden, the island of your dreams is called Florianópolis. Here you will find beautiful and varied attractions to delight your journey

You can enjoy beautiful shopping and nice restaurants, as you can walk on the “hills” and put yourself in the vast forest in its most naturally preserved spaces.

But it is indisputable: anyone who listens about Florianópolis and decides to visit it, will find beautiful beaches and amazing landscapes.

So this time we will talk about the most beautiful beaches of Florianópolis, which are the quietest and the most eventful for those seeking adventure.


Best beaches in Florianópolis

Campeche Beach:


Campeche Beach has little vegetation but with several sand dunes. It is located 21 km away from the Centre but it manages to be a great beach of nearly 11 km in length. Its waters are calm, blue and wide. It has shops and restaurants. This beach is the best option to throw yourself in the sand and enjoy your world and the sea.

 Campeche´s Island:


Nearby, Campeche Beach, you’ll find this island which is a magic place according to its inhabitants. Campeche Island saves cave archaeological sites that make the national historical heritage. You can take a boat that leaves you there in five minutes. It is not easy to reach there by swimming altought it seems closer. I do not recommend you to try it!

San Antonio de Lisboa beach:


San Antonio de Lisboa Beach has a unique beauty of calm waters, coarse sand and boulders. Being the first community in settlement, it belongs to the oldest places of the island and it keeps a very typical colonial architecture worthy of knowing. It is where the exponents of the Azorean culture are concentrated. It has an important fishing activity and delicious offerings to enjoy seafood!

Barra da Lagoa Beach:


Barra da Lagoa is one of the best beaches in Florianopolis. Located right in the middle of the island, it contains all the benefits. It has a good offer and restaurants and business infrastructure but hosted between beautiful natural places, with the option of making only a walk and find secluded beaches. It is one of the major fishing areas of the island. With fairly rough water, it is quite suitable for surfers especially near the coston of stones. It is very close to Che Lagarto hostel. You can get through the channel that communicates with Lagoa da Conceição.

Brava Beach:

Surf lovers have their place here. Brava beach is a paradise with large waves, but also suitable for swimming. Surrounded by a collection of buildings Mediterranean style, this small beach has a growing activity. Views of the Bay are captive from the hill behind them.

Mole Beach:


It is one of the beaches more surfer from Florianópolis. They call it the Surf capital because on this beach are disputed surf Championships every year and taken the world surfing Championships in 2009.

Its offer is small but it is a beautiful beach to learn and practice with your board. If you’re not passionate about surfing, the stones kept a beautiful landscape of the entire beach to find a place to watch the sunset. Don’t miss to take a photo with the statue to the surfer!

Joaquina Beach:


It is another ideal beach for surfers of Florianópolis. It has big waves and a varied selection of competitions to attract the lovers of this sport. Its tourist infrastructure is excellent. It is a beach located near the Center, just 17 kilometres.

Its name comes from a local legend that says that an old weaver, called Joaquina, was devoured by a huge wave while she was weaving on the beach. This beach is equipped with lighting system that allows you to carry out activities during the night.

Canasvieiras Beach:


Canasvieiras is the famous beach of Florianópolis, preferred by Argentine tourists. It has increased activity during the day and night. With warm and calm waters, this small beach is enabled for the practice of sports and has tennis courts, clubs, lodges, restaurants, bars, hotels, discos, camping and a varied tourist infrastructure areas.

Ponta das Canas Beach:


It is another of those beaches which heads the ranking of the Uruguayan and Argentine tourism. Ponta das Canas is a quiet beach with white sand and it has an excellent tourist infrastructure. It is suitable for water sports.

Jureré Beach:

It also heads the ranking of tops beaches and chosen for tourism. Jurerê is another beach for swimming, with good facilities, quiet and a beautiful cove to mooring sailboats and sailing ships which gives you a very special appearance.

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