La Bombonera is the home of Boca Juniors, the most popular soccer club of Argentina with River Plate. It is located in the neighborhood of la Boca, where began to form the city of  Buenos Aires.

Boca is a club with tradition and mystique, its recent history is full of achievements, cups and titles: Libertadores Cup, South American Cup, local leagues and even intercontinental cups (current Club World).

La Bombonera is a temple for fans, it is a court that is known around the world as one where the public can feel more strongly, its galleries almost at 90 degrees give the impression that will fall to the field. They say when people start to encourage the club, la Bombonera do not tremble, it beats. And it is really it beats to the hearts of all the people unison.

 The twelve

In this field played Maradona and was consecrated Metropolitan of the 81 tournament champion, here we also carried out the dismissal of 10, on that occasion, Diego said his famous phrase: “I got wrong and paid, but the ball does not stain”.

Other deities xeneizes are Juan Román Riquelme and Martín Palermo, both still in activity. Every time one of these idols looks out the Bombonera din immediate. The twelve, Boca hoolingans,  is favorite to Titan and whenever the striker steps the court dropped the “Paleeeeermo, Paleeeeermo”.


Rag in honor Martín Palermo, historic scorer of Boca

bomboneraLa Bombonera is a temple of football, a court that all dream of knowing. If you go to Buenos Aires and not to visit it, you will know the capital of Argentina, Yes, but only from the mouth out.

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