La Bomba de Tiempo, every Monday in the Konex

If you are visiting Buenos Aires and your feet are constantly moving every time you hear drums you can not leave without seeing this unique show: La Bomba de Tiempo. It is a group formed by leading drummers drumming under the direction of Santiago Vazquez. After four years together, La Bomba de Tiempo is starting to receive considerable recognition as Buenos Aires’ most successful percussion group.

This group of 18 people practices what they call “directed improvisation” of drums and percussion. The instruments that appear in the band include congas, djembes, maracas, shakers and cowbells. The director uses a system of about 70 signs made with the hands, fingers and body in order to direct the percussionists while they play. For that reason each concert is unique and unpredictable as it depends on the interaction of the musicians, the director, the audience and the weather involved in the ritual.

Every Monday at 19 pm La Bomba de Tiempo calls about 1500 people at the Cultural Center Konex creating a real party. The show is outdoors, but it is not suspended by rain. In addition in all the presentations of the group, a different musician is invited to improvise. Lito Vitale, Liliana Herrero, Javier Malosetti and Dante Spinetta are some of the figures who have shared the stage with “La Bomba de Tiempo”.

Tickets are on sale at the Konex box office from Tuesday to Sunday or by telephone (5237-7200) and online through Ticketek.  The ticket price is $ 70.

Check out this video to see how is a typical show! 🙂

If you want to know more about La Bomba de Tiempo you can visit its official website or its Facebook profile.

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