Joao Pessoa: Where the sun of Brazil was born

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In the Brazilian Northeast there is a capital without emergency. Bright, quiet and overlooking the capital of the State of Paraíba welcomes travelers with all the beauties of a calm. It is not recommended to run.

Joao Pessoa: Capital of light

Joao Pessoa is a place to rest backpacks. A long sea promenade connects the ends of the city. Time to go, time to get. Today, the capital can overwhelm us, Joao Pessoa expected owner of a calm that protects travellers and without which, in this case, we have to delve into solitary paths, or reach lost Isles to enjoy it. That is, perhaps, the greatest attraction of Joao Pessoa: find the same rest facing this with their backs to the sea.

Modern, clean proudly, Joao Pessoa routine does not result in bottlenecks. Pessoa includes Hotel Tambaú, jewel of the city designed by the Nobel Prize of architecture Brazilian Oscar Niemeyer, with its circular, going to the beach. It is open for free tours and is one of the good rides that Pessoa can offer. At the other end, the Ponto de Jacaré is the beach where the sun goes down.

Praia do Jacaré

As it could not be otherwise in the city where the sun of Brazil is born, its implementation does not go unnoticed. It occurs in Jacare, where the waters of the Caribbean Sea are mixed with the fresh water of the river.

On the edge of the shore, a shopping promenade of regional products is available and there are viewpoints.

The most important attraction of the moment occurs when local saxophonist, Jurandir do Sax, plays Ravel’s Bolero over a boat. Walks can be taken in catamarans up to one hour including tradicional dances of Brazil, parties and panoramic views.

joao pessoa

Already installed in the comfortable Che Lagarto Suites of Pessoa, 200 metres from the beach and the Hotel Tambaú, we can organize the day.

The mirante where the sun of Brazil is born, the religious art of the Church of the cross, its old town houses, centres born night for dancing the typical Brazilian Forró further enhance this destination where the balance between city and beach, calm and capital is evident.

Part of an axis of resorts which, among other resorts in the region, also compose Natal and Porto de Galinhas, Pessoa is a good starting point for other nearby beaches taking advantage of, especially, a wide selection of tours and trips in buggy.


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