Itacaré: the sweet energy and vigor of the Cachoeira de Tijuipe

Itacaré has beautiful beaches, breathtaking nature, amazing trails and extreme sports. But if you need to reinvigorate and do something different, this is place. With 4 meters of fall, the waterfall has good depth (about 3 meters) which guarantees a refreshing dip. The water slides for a seawall in natural form of ladder. Before falling into a pit, is dammed by rocks, forming a kind of Lake. The feeling of leaning on the seawall of boulders and feel the force of the water except for the fatigue, muscle soreness, tightness, hangover, whatever you want to relieve is wonderful.


Many trees along the way provide a feeling of indescribable peace. The Tijuipe Waterfall is on a farm, with lush nature, beautiful flowers, and a bucolic wooden bridge over the River (as you can see in the photos) and yields amazing clicks. It is possible to stay all day (it works from 9 to 18hs) because the place is neat, structured infrastructure with restaurant. The ticket costs around R15.


If you prefer, you can take your picnic basket and use the service from the bar. There’s a rope across the 15 m wide waterfall to ensure that your diving is safe and also a lifeguard, (which can act as versatile photographer) and can give a forcinha, recording the moment you enjoy this natural hydromassage.

This place is quoted in specialized sites as one of the best rides of the cocoa coast, it is an excellent option for a day of relaxation without the need of long tracks, mostly stays out of the conventional routes, and that’s why we’re showing you, as always, after check “on the spot”, if it really is worthy of your visit. So, if you like the beach, but also knows the invigorating power of water currents, go meet this exuberance, coupled with comfort and then share with us… We hope you have a perfect day.


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