Ilha Grande: Useful information

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Where can I stay in Ilha Grande?

The best hostel, Che Lagarto, is located ten minutes from downtown. In the Center is the pier, bars and restaurants as well as shops of Ilha Grande.

The main point of reference is Julia Beach, and the Hostel is located on the beach. What is the exact address of the Hostel? Canto da Praia s/n One of the main avenues surrounding is the beach Avenue.

Interchange of money in Ilha Grande

Try to change the dollars intended for use on the island. (Remember that on the island there are no banks or exchange houses). It is not appropriate to bring to the Island dollars, Euros or different from the Real coins because they are not accepted or the rate of change is very low.

To change money if you have no time to go to the downtown area of the city of Rio de Janeiro, believe it or not, the best rate of Exchange before going to Angra dos Reis you will find inside the airport of Rio de Janeiro.

Useful phone numbers in Ilha Grande

Airport RJ
+ 55 (21) 3398-5050
Distância del Centro: 20 km
Airport SP
+55 (11) 2445-294
Reunidas Paulista
0800 709 9020
Airport Bus Service
0800 7702287
2ª a 6ª de las 7hs a las 19h
Terminal Rodoviário Tietê
+55 (11) 3866-1100
Costa Verde
+55 (21) 3622-3123

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