Ilha Grande: best places to visit

Ilha Grande

For those who are about to travel to Angra Dois Reis, and want to know the best places in Ilha Grande, don’t miss this post, where we give you some ideas to do in this natural paradise.

Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande: best places to visit

Lopes Mendes Beach:

Ilha Grande

Lopes Mendes Beach is the largest of the 107 beaches of Ilha Grande and we cannot say that it might well be one of the most beautiful in the world.

Touching the magic, this place already from the crossing to reach offers you a beautiful landscape. To know you will have to overcome either a boat trip from the port of Isla Grande or a walk of two hours through a “thrilla” (trail) through the jungle, your sweat drops fall grateful for this fantastic ride. The atmosphere ends to get there: a Bay without homes or jobs, in which accompanies you just the sound of the sea. The white sand like flour gives the water a turquoise that vibrates with the Green tuning of the environment. Waves to make planchita type surf with your hands participate in the fun. Proposal: Go back to the sunset on the boat and delight in this wonderful world.

Parnaioca Beach:

Ruins that may arise on this beach were made by slave labor where they also had its plantations of manioc, coffee and other products. Although it was one of the areas most populated island today is one of the most isolated. The river which has the same name as the Beach also can be visited, or you take thousand meters of shore facing the Atlantic Ocean. Another good plan is staying at the campsite and take advantage of the charms of this place which can be reached only by private boat from sunrise to sunset.

Bay of Abraao and Vila do Abraão:

Ilha Grande

This beautiful place has two parts: an area which has about ten beautiful beaches to discover, and a picturesque colonial town’s streets of Earth, central square and a church. The bank to which all the people look is for many the most beautiful of the island, although it is true that always it is seen populated boats and motor boats.

The Bay is clamped between two hills that make its shores rather irregular. On it you can visit some beaches as Crena, Guaxuma, Abraaozinho Beach, Morcego and Macedo.

Dois Rios:

Ilha Grande

This is the excursion! Contact with nature, the jungle and the most historical of the island. Two hours of walking of the Vila do Abraão, this place gives you a choice of sweet or salty water. Course not in vain with his name is that at this point two natural rivers intersect and merge with the ocean.

It is a great ride, which can require enough strength of will as rise early and take advantage of the morning light, walk almost every day and enjoy. Yes, if you ask me, it is worth much early one day. In addition to beach, here you can visit also the ruins of the famous Brazilian prison known as the Caldeirón of the devil, who although demolished, today finds some remains among the branches of the trees.

Ilha Grande

 Caxadaco Beach:

Caxadaco beach is the needle in the haystack of beaches and to find this magical place, which is known only by skilled local and intrepid sailors looking for adventure, his route begins a trail from Dois Rios with a journey that can take you 40 minutes of walking.
For years this just 15 meters from sandy beach served as a hideout to traffickers who were slaves and supplies landed here. Today works more as a place to go for snorkeling and hiking, as surrounding vegetation abounds. There is also barcostaxis that will take you there!

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