Gourmet: Montagu´s restaurant in Copacabana

Hey! How are you? My week has been pretty hectic, I’m staying at Che Lagarto Hostel in Copacabana (I filmed a video, if you want to watch it click here). Yesterday I went to some restaurants in the vicinity.

restauranteMy first stop was at the MONTAGU SANDWICH MAKER. I had never heard about it but it was love at first sight. It has a relaxed atmosphere and good music background. I drunk a wonderful caipirinha.


To accompany our shrimp we ask for pateis! It is a delight and the filling is very generous. Who gave me the pleasure of this enjoyable afternoon was my friend Adams. He accompanied me in this gourmet marathon.


The Montagu restaurant has a specialty sandwich, but of course there are other options such as: Meals and snacks, “baião de dois, Paraíba sim Senhor, (with shredded dried beef with onion and cassava) and the “fried polenta” filled with oxtail. I didn’t get a chance to try the whole menu but I have no doubt that I will make another visit. It is worth mentioning that the price isn’t expensive, the caipirinha costs 9.90$ and pastels 16.00$.

If you want to visit the restaurant don’t worry, it’s very easy to get there! It is located at Rua Siqueira Campos .29-Copacabana.
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