Floripa or Florianopolis are the same city?

Floripa or Florianópolis are the same city? They are written differently but they are the same place?

This is a question that many travelers asked me and I said: Yes!

Florianópolis is the official name of the island and Floripa is only a “friendly” (nickname) of the same place.


Florianópolis is the capital of the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina, named thus in homage to the former President, Floriano Peixoto, in replacement of its previous name «Nossa Senhora do Desterro» (our Lady of the exile).
Being the island commonly visited on busy occasions by Floriano people decided the name with which it is actually known.

So… what it is Floripa?

Floripa is just shorthand that was invented to the name of the city so it was not as extensive, and easier to pronounce. It is the same call Floripa or Florianópolis. It is a name of public awareness in all Brazil. Today it is common to find t-shirts with the name “Floripa” and other memories that make mention of this place.

But beware, not at all the Santa Catarina (natives of the State of Santa Catarina) like to be called Floripa, it may sound a bit aggressive.

There are other people I met travelling that refer Floripa as the city on the side of the continent, and Florianopolis concerning the island. The truth is that both belong and speak from the same place, a wonderful place!

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