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Morro de Sao Paulo is love at first sight, or to the first Beach (and then the second, third and fourth Beach). That’s what they call themselves, all calm and transparent water. It’s a long ride for those who go by boat (40 minutes from the airport of Salvador to the Mercado Modelo and 2:30 by boat to the island), but the tiredness ends when you get to that little paradise.

Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo

The first thing to do when you arrive in Morro de Sao Paulo is to leave your bags in the hostel, wear a swimsuit and go straight to the Second Beach. If you’re already lunchtime, the tip is to ask for the shrimp with pineapple at Funny restaurant and then watching time go by relaxing on the beach. But if the sun is setting, leave the beach for the next day and go straight to the Toca do Morcego, on the way to the lighthouse, ask for a caipirinha Cajá and stay mesmerized with the sun falling into the sea.

Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo: During the day, beaches, boat trip and clay bath

The island is small, but the attractions are numerous. Take a day to make the boat trip to Boipeba, which lasts about 6 hours. You spend the day on the boat, lunch in Boipeba, and still has a chance to soak in the natural pools of Moreré and met the historic city of Cairu.

The next day climb the small trail to the lighthouse, from where you can see the postcard Morro, and take down the zip line until the Second Beach. From there, walk up the fourth Beach and look for the rennet cheese salesman-the best I ever ate in my life. After killing hunger, rent a horse and scroll through the small villages of the interior of the island.

Cabalgatas en Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo

Reserve a third day to the beaches on the way to Gamboa. A 30-minute walk will take you to beautiful beaches, clear water and calm sea. At the end of the hike, try the clay bath, which is really good for your skin. It is important to do this walk at low tide, so ask for some native on the table of tides. On the way back, stop at the restaurant One Love to watch the sunset and order the fish with the mango salsa. To eat praying.

Parties and typical fruit caipirinhas are also reputed to Morro de São Paulo

At night in Morro de Sao Paulo enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants of the place. Good food is not lacking. Move down to the Second Beach and on the way a piece of lychee capirinhas cajá or that the hundreds of stalls offer. Already on the beach, look for the restaurant Six Club  and taste the wood-fired pizza Marguerita. Thin, crispy and delicious.

After dinner and some caipirinhas on the head, just decide where to go party. The more lively is the foam party on the Pulsar disk, in the path of the Strong. The gringos go crazy, the music is good and fun is guaranteed! But on the Beach also goes live show and luaus, almost every night.

And after so many parties, boats rides and walks by the many beaches, stop and relax in Second Beach to tire of being happy and die in love with Morro de Sao Paulo.

Atardecer en Morro de São Paulo

Afternoon in Morro de São Paulo


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