Corners of the Old Town

A few steps from the Centre of Montevideo and about 23 Km from the Airport International of Carrasco Gral. Cesáreo. L. Berisso, you can see the door of the Citadel. This construction, which in its best time was the gateway to the fortress of Montevideo, now gives way to the Old Town, one of the most interesting neighbourhoods in the Uruguayan capital.

Quiet and with a bohemian appearance, the Old Town has many corners for those who like to learn about the local culture and spend the day enjoying nice moments.

The Old City shows us the Montevidean culture

  • Through its art: On Pérez Catellano street you can find from a hidden exhibition of crafts to a beautiful Gallery of art (“Juan Palleiro”) than something unnoticed, exhibited paintings and sculptures and can absorb all this wealth, without troubles. The small houses of commitment and sale of antiques, can become major museums that reveal a bit of the history of the place.

Ciudad Vieja

  • Through its music: not far away, in a corner with lots of history, is located “La Vieja Telita“, a cultural corner where you can share with the local one entertaining moment, through the music of different and innovative instruments. You can also find some musical event sponsored by the “School of art and crafts”, located in the Calle Sarandí.
  • Through the palate: the Old Town offers many options at the time of eating. Options ranging from fast food to the known Mercado del Puerto, which is also worth visiting for its history and its latent rhythm at noon. However, few times we repair in places like “Escencia Uruguay” to take a moment of relax and taste excellent domestic wines; or enjoy a delicious minced at Jacinto Café; or taste something homemade in some of the many “bakeries”.

Old Town

  • Through the enjoyment of small details: observe an interesting human statue, reading a pocket book, drinking a coffee in La Lupa Books or sit down and enjoy the beautiful landscape from the Sarandí breakwater, perhaps sharing a bitter “mate” and planning our next visit to know more and new corners of the Old City.

Old Town

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