How to get to Ilha Grande

cómo llegar ilha grande

Only 180 km from Rio de Janeiro and 750 km from São Paulo there is this magical island, Ilha Grande, which makes us dream with lives without working, only to enjoy white beaches and tropical vegetations as we contemplate the passing minutes without having to ask us what we need to do next, or agendas or appointments.

The only way to reach the island is by shipp since the island has no airport. But, you can go out from different ports in several cities.

cómo llegar ilha grande

The most common and close port and easy to get to Ilha Grande is: Angra dos Reis. There is also a town called: Mangaratiba. We recommend leaving from Angra dos Reis.

In Angra dos Reis there are three different points, but there are in the Centre of the city and close to the other. In the municipality of Mangaratiba there are two points, one in the Center and the other at the edge of the border with the municipality of Angra dos Reis, the city of Conceição de Jacareí. 

For those coming from Rio de Janeiro the point that presents the best value eniantomers is the Conceicao de Jacarei. It is the second closest to Rio de Janeiro and the road to the big island is shorter and faster than others.


Conceição de Jacareí
Vila do Abraão (Ilha Grande)

Vila do Abraão
Conceição de Jacareí


Duration.  (min.)

Mondays to Thrusday



R$ 15,00



09h/11h30min/15h/18h45min e 21h


R$ 15,00


Saturdays and Sundays



R$ 20,00


How to get to Ilha Grande

Arriving at Angra dos Reis from Rio de Janeiro (from the airport)

Arriving at the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro (Galeão), you will have the options of car, bus or van to arrive to Angra dos Reis.

Public transport in Rio de Janeiro

To move by public transport (the cheapest option), just leave the International Airport and take a bus, popularly called Frescão from the company Real towards the Rodoviaria Novio Rio. The cost of the ticket is R15 and the delay of the trip is approximately 40 minutes. There are several differential services to the Center, that pass through this station. Whatever you take be sure you insist the driver get a message where to go down, since the area near the terminal is not very pretty. I advise you always remind the driver.

Once you are at the bus station you will find the window of sale of tickets that will take you to the city of Angra dos Reis or Mangaratiba, depending on the location of the continent you selected to ship to the island.

The journey in bus to Angra takes 2 hours to 3 hours and a half and to Mangaratiba takes 2 hours approximately.

A company that offers this type of transport is Costa Verde, it comes out with great regularity each 45 min and it costs  R 30. For information about timetables and prices you can access the website of the company here.

Transport service (transfer – Van)

The easy, safe and fast way to arrive is by hiring a private transfer, it can be the regular (shared) or particular to the town of Angra dos Reis.

Follow this link for information.

Then do the counts, depending on how your group is composed or if you travel alone, the price is a bit higher than if using public transport with more comfort and security.


You can hire a Taxi service from the airport, you can consider having company for hiring one of these services, since it will be quite expensive. But with security will be much, much faster.

Arriving at Angra dos Reis from Sao Paulo (from the airport)

If you are in the Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo and want to shipp to Ilha Grande from Angra dos Reis, you must go first to the Bus Terminal (Rodoviaria) Tietê, where you will take the bus to Angra.

There is a service of minibuses from the Airport Bus Service Company (phone: 55 11-6221-0244) which operates every day, 24 hours with departures every hour approximately and 45 minutes in peak hours. The travel time is one hour and the price is R 30.

Arrive to Angra dos Reis from Tietê terminal Rodoviário de São Paulo

The only company that makes this journey is REUNIDAS PAULISTAIf you need information of prices and schedules to arrive to Angra dos Reis from Sao Paulo, keep in contact with the company. There is normally a place and it is not necessary to book in advance. To buy tickets, go to the first floor by escalator, then fold in the first corridor on the left and there you will see the window of the company Reunidas Paulista. (It opens at 7.00 am). Verify that is not a holiday or replacement of fortnight to secure place.

ARRIVE TO ANGRA DOS REIS! and now how we get to Ilha Grande?

Port Angra dos Reis – Ilha Grande (Abraão)

Once you get to the Terminal (Rodoviaria) of Angra dos Reis you will see inside a stall of passages to Ilha Grande, from the company Catamarã IGT. The company offers services of ships crossing to the island from a Santa Lucia jetty (Pier known, very close to the port of Angra dos Reis) village of Abraao in Ilha Grande, in about an hour.

It costs R 40 and the ticket you can buy it in the position of the Terminal of Angra dos Reis.

The company Barcas S.A offers the cheapest option but you will have to move to the port of Angra dos Reis (is located 4 blocks from the pier Santa Lucia) and there take the boat to village of Abraao, Ilha Grande. This journey takes 2 hours.

The price is R13 weekdays and R28 remaining days (holidays and weekends).

The frequency of this service is from Monday to Friday at 15:30, and Saturday and Sunday, 1:30 pm.

There are two piers in Vila de Abraão. The Cais da Lapa, where it operates the official boat, the option more cheap, but it takes longer (approximately 2 hours) the company Barcas S.A.

Another dock is the Cais of tourism, where they operate the smaller boats, as the catamaran of the company Catamara IGT, the option that takes less than an hour, but the most expensive.

Both desks are separated by 300 meters approximately. You can walk perfectly one to another, and both are located just a few steps from the most populated part of Vila de Abraão.

Vila de Abraão is the entry point to the island. It is the largest town and site that has greater infrastructure. It is used as a starting point to get to know other places on the island, either walking or by boat.

In this link you can check schedules and prices of the two companies mentioned above and also other options  available for travel from Angra dos Reis to Abraão, Ilha Grande.

Did you like it? Book here and enjoy the city! :) 


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