Best seafood restaurant in Florianopolis

Best seafood restaurant in Florianopolis: Bar do Arante

Florianópolis is well known for its beautiful beaches. It has for all tastes: with calm water or rough sea, easy access or through trails, with infrastructure or semideserts. But the capital of Santa Catarina is not only beach, sea and fresh water. Besides the natural beauty, the city is well known for its delicious cuisine of shellfish.

But it’s not only the shrimp Festival, spread over several restaurants on the island, that I’m talking about. It was at the “Bar do Arante“, on Pantano do Sul, that I ate the best squid  of my life! With more than five decades of history, the restaurant has dishes to eat praying and a breathtaking landscape, located in the South of the island of Florianópolis.

Best seafood restaurant in Florianopolis

Best seafood restaurant in Florianopolis

The history of the site is curious. From the Decade of 70, students from other cities started hanging around praia do Pantano do Sul. In order to warn the friends that were still to come, students left at the pub tickets saying which was its location. And that’s where it was born the most famous Arante Bar craze, the tickets taped on the walls. There are a plethora of them. They have already been counted more than 70 thousand and a book was done on the subject: “Os Bilhetes do mundo nas paredes do Arantes”,  by Paulo Alves.

Today, the bar is a national and international reference of the cuisine of the island and the coast of Santa Catarina. Tip: ask for the delicious appetizers, take the opportunity to taste the “cachaça” that bar offers free of charge to customers and spend the afternoon watching the coming and going of boats, seagulls, and listening to the sound of the waves.

Best seafood restaurant in Florianopolis

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