You already know (but it never hurts to remember) that this is one of the most known beaches of Bahia, ok?

That have the first Beach, second, until the 4th Beach, some ballads inspired by Ibiza bars hipsters, beautiful people as a beer commercial. Bat’s Lair, foam party … but that’s for another post.

Then lizard prepare yourself, you’ll (almost literally) change your skin.

Clay bath

You’ve stayed in the best hostel in Morro de Sao Paulo  and you are almost ready to face this adventure, which certainly will appear in your biography … the CLAY BATH! to exfoliate the skin and prepare to get a mega ultra super tan, leaving behind the color white-office, cyanotic, yellowish, totally out behind.

Ask the hospitable people of Morro where this place is. They’re going to say is closeeee, they always say that everything is there and it’s not far, really, depending on your mood, breath and time.

At low tide, you can walk through the rocks, don’t even think about going barefoot are the pebbles and sand pointed, like everything else in Bahia, it is very hot.

But … if you are lazy (fully incorporated into the local spirit), in this case go to 2nd Beach and negotiate with the friendly sailors who are always forming groups, and charge around R $10. Another important detail is that you don’t have to wear your bathing suit white or your designer bikini, go with something  old, (the clay will cover everything and won’t display it) and then you will have a renewed skin, soft, worthy of being touched, seen, remembered. The place where you will wallow in the mud (nobody said it was going to be easy, it’s the price of beauty) its great to take funny pictures as you can see here…

Banho de argila

Banho de argila

Preserve someone with clean hands for clicks and put your camera in a bag, ok? So enjoy, stay beautiful, good chameleon lizard and throw yourself because Morro de Sao Paulo  promises and fulfills, always.


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